Investor Fact Sheet


$3.8MM Cash • 20% Insider Ownership • $42MM Shares Outstanding

Disruptive Natural Bio-Pesticide Technology

  • 100% owned patented mustard-derived technology; harnessing the natural defense mechanism of the mustard plant
  • MustGrow’s natural bio-pesticide acts as a pre-plant treatment for soil-borne pests and diseases
  • Science-based biological solutions to replace synthetic chemicals used in high value crops such as organic fruit & vegetables
  • Regulatory agencies are significantly restricting or banning existing chemistries leaving limited alternatives
  • Consumers are demanding healthy, natural and organic products

Producers want to use safe products to protect their crops…but only if they work

  • Completed >110 independent trials confirming safety and efficacy
  • Compared to synthetic chemicals, MustGrow can compete on efficacy and potentially on price
  • Application rate of 2.5-5.0 gal/acre had 100% control of soil based funguses
  • MustGrow previously had approx. $700,000 in sales from its 1st generation ‘granular’ format

2nd Generation Technology: Liquid Bio-Pesticide Formulation (TerraMGTM)

  • 1st generation ‘granular’ format is already EPA-approved – registration in process for new liquid formulation label
  • ~20% of U.S. crop acres are designated as buffer zones → acres near schools, roads, water, etc. where chemical crop inputs are not allowed...MustGrow will target these acres in addition to all conventional acres

EPA (US) and PMRA (Canada) estimated registration approval in 2021 

Projected Global Fumigation Market

(2025; 4.6% CAGR) 

Mega-Market Applications

Non Selective Herbicide
US$13B global market size

E. coli, Salmonella & Listeria
US$12B est global loss

Bananas – Panama Disease
US$18B est global loss

US$4B est global loss

Grain Toxins
US$15B est global loss

Container Fumigation
US$2B est global market size

MustGrow is primarily focused on disrupting the US$65 billion global pesticide market