Investor Fact Sheet

Natural Technology Platform with the Efficacy of Synthetic Chemicals

  • 100% owned patented mustard-derived technology; harnessing the natural defense mechanism of the mustard seed.
  • MustGrow’s natural biological solutions to replace synthetic chemicals used in high value crops such as fruit & vegetables and other industries.
  • Regulatory agencies are restricting or banning existing synthetic chemistries leaving limited alternatives.
  • Consumers are demanding healthy, natural and organic products.
  • Producers want to protect their crops with bilogicals but only if they work -- may bilogicals have as today not met performance expectations.
  • Agchem companies are actively investing in more sustainable natural technologies to replace or compliment synthetic chemicals.
  • Sustainable farming practices are critical to feed a growing global
    population on a finite amount of land.

Technology Platform with Application in Many Markets

  • Preplant Soil Biofumigant for multiple crops such as fruit, vegetable, turf and ornamental crops.
  • Bioherbicide with unique mode of action for organic acres, home & garden and jurisdictions where glyphosate is out of favor or banned.
  • Postharvest Biopesticide for storage and food preservation (F&V, bulk grain, shipping containers and food borne pathogens).

Technology Pipeline

MustGrow is focused on disrupting the US$65 billion global pesticide market