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MustGrow Biologics Corp. is an agriculture bio-tech company focused on providing natural, science-based biological solutions to replace synthetic chemicals used in high value crops such as fruit & vegetables and cannabis & hemp.

Innovative Crop Protection

MustGrow’s groundbreaking technologies use novel plant compounds to provide superior crop protection naturally.


Broad Applications

MustGrow’s technologies deliver superior pest and pathogen control in combination with plant growth and yield benefits available across a broad spectrum of high-value crops. We are working towards offering our novel solutions in a variety of applications and to be compatible with all farming practices, from large row crops to specialty crop production, in all parts of the world.

Safe and effective products from nature

By focusing on the use of compounds provided by nature and refining them for our specific uses, MustGrow provides key pest control and disease management naturally, whilst increasing growth and yield, our products are free from synthetic chemicals and genetic modification.

Improved production of globally important crops

MustGrow’s technologies have been demonstrated and utilized on a commercial scale and have been proven to provide increased yield, growth and plant vigor whilst delivering nematode and disease control at levels comparable to those obtained from synthetic alternatives.

Rapid time to market

MustGrow’s discovery platform taps into the power of mustard seed to generate, test and commercialize products that improve plant health and yield. As MustGrow’s technologies typically utilize food ingredients that are generally recognized as safe with well defined and understood safety parameters and minimal concerns, regulatory approvals can be expedited and time to market is often accelerated as a result.


MustGrow has developed products for the fruit & vegetables and cannabis & hemp industries and continues to expand the development of innovative products into other industries.


Fruit & Vegetable

MustGrow’s 100% owned patented mustard-derived technology is a natural bio-pesticide that acts as a pre-plant soil treatment for pests & diseases. The first generation granular technology had market penetration in the F&V fumigation market. A second generation liquid technology has been created and is in the regulatory process.

Cannabis & Hemp

Just like for Fruit & Vegetables, MustGrow wants to use its 100% owned patented mustard-derived technology as a pre-plant soil treatment for pests & diseases, just as it does in the fruit & vegetable industry. In addition, MustGrow has in-licensed other third party products to treat Powdery Mildew, and increase yields and terpene levels.

MustGrow News

MustGrow Closes $3.9 Million Private Placement

MustGrow Closes $3.9 Million Private Placement

Saskatoon, SK, December 10, 2019 – MustGrow Biologics Corp. (CSE: MGRO) (OTC: MGROF) (the "Company", "MustGrow"), an agricultural biotech company developing and commercializing a portfolio of natural, science-based bio-pesticides, is pleased to announce it has closed...

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