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We need biological control for the agriculture transition

The 129 biological control substances planned for submission by 2028 in the EU, show that biologicals are ready to make a substantial contribution to the achievement of synthetic pesticide reduction targets.

Data presented to the European Commission in March 2023 shows an abundance of biological controls in the regulatory pipeline, record growth in the biologicals sector with increasing demand from farmers. 

Review: leading agchem companies exploring organic farming

The production and supply of organic agricultural inputs are safeguards for the development of organic farming. In recent years, green pesticides and biological fertilizers have been a subject of research and development among the world’s agrochemical giants.

Bayer to commercialise biopesticides from mustard seed

Organic biopesticide company MustGrow has entered into an exclusive agreement contract with Bayer. Bayer will help evaluate Must Grow’s commercial potential in key agricultural regions and help bring their products to market.

Crop biologicals market predicted to hit $19bn value by 2026

The market for crop biological inputs is expected to be worth $18.5 billion in value by 2026, up from $10.6 billion today, as consumers, regulators, and farmers push for more sustainable food production methods.

Biologicals: the next agricultural technology revolution

Biological agricultural products (“biologicals”) will eventually replace chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the $240 billion crop protection and fertilizer market.

German cabinet approves legislation to ban glyphosate from 2024

Farmers in GERMANY will have to gradually reduce their use of glyphosate and stop using it completely from 2024 in order to preserve clean habitats for insects.  

EU countries back binding green farming schemes

European Union agriculture ministers agreed on Wednesday to set aside part of the bloc’s massive farming policy budget for programmes that protect the environment.

The United States still uses many pesticides banned in other countries

About 150 agricultural pesticides that the World Health Organization considers hazardous to human health were used in the United States in 2017, according to a data review from Investigate Midwest.

Canada's canola yields at risk as plant killer takes root

As Canada’s prairies continue to churn out more and more canola, there’s mounting concern about the rapid spread of a soil-borne disease that’s threatening to crimp yields.

Agtech Sector Blooms As More Dollars and Startups Rush In

Farming has been around for thousands of years, but investments and startup activity in agricultural technology, commonly known as “agtech” or “agritech,” have only exploded over the past five years.

You have pesticides in your body. But an organic diet can reduce them by 70%

A new study shows that US families consume cancer-linked glyphosate in their food. The good news: going organic rapidly reduces levels.

Global Programme on Banana Fusarium Wilt Disease


Biopesticides Market worth $8.5 billion by 2025

The report “Biopesticides Market by Type (Bioinsecticides, Biofungicides, Bionematicides, and Bioherbicides), Source (Microbials, Biochemicals, and Beneficial Insects), Mode of Application, Formulation, Crop Application, and Region – Global Forecast to 2025” The global biopesticides market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% from an estimated value of USD 4.3 billion in 2020 to reach USD 8.5 billion by 2025.

Disease Is Ravaging the $25 Billion Banana Industry

The world’s most popular fruit is under siege. How it adapts now could be crucial to understanding the post-pandemic era.

EU to halve pesticides by 2030 to protect bees, biodiversity: draft

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Commission is seeking to halve the use of chemical pesticides by 2030 to halt the decline of pollinators, in a plan likely to draw criticism both from those urging a phase-out of the substances and from farmers who say crop yields will suffer.

Sustainable Fund Flows in 2019 Smash Previous Records

Sustainable funds in the United States attracted new assets at a record pace in 2019. Estimated net flows into open-end and exchange-traded sustainable funds that are available to U.S. investors totaled $20.6 billion for the year. That’s nearly 4 times the previous annual record for net flows set in 2018.

Corteva to stop making pesticide linked to kids' health problems

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Corteva Inc will stop producing the agricultural pesticide chlorpyrifos by the end of the year, the company said on Thursday, removing the world’s largest manufacturer of a chemical that has been linked to low birth weight, reduced IQ and attention disorders in children.

Climate change projected to boost insect activity and crop loss, researchers say

Scientists report that insect activity in today’s temperate, crop-growing regions will rise along with temperatures. Researchers project that this activity, in turn, will boost worldwide losses of rice, corn and wheat by 10-25 percent for each degree Celsius that global mean surface temperatures rise.