Company Overview

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Mustard Flowers

It all starts with mustard!

  • Canada produces 28% of the global mustard crop
  • Canada is the world’s largest exporter of mustard with 57% market share
  • Average of 450,592 acres harvested in Canada
  • Over 160,000 tons of seed produced in Canada

Fruit crop

We set out to add value

Plants from the Brassica species contain an organosulfur compound Allyl isothiocyanate (AITC). AITC forms part of the plants natural defense system against pests and diseases and it is also this volatile gas, AITC that is responsible for the hot and spicy taste associated with these plants.

Our innovative platform allows us to efficiently and effectively manipulate the natural defensive mechanisms employed by Brassica plants for broad based use in agricultural crop protection and production.

Global Nematode Problem

…and address the global nematode problem

Reports estimate that the impact of soil borne nematodes on global crop economics results in approximately $80 billion of lost crops per year on a global scale.

A recent survey suggests that global crop losses as a result of nematodes is 12% of total potential yield on average across the majority of crops.

Europe has taken an aggressive stance on nematicide use, leading to limited and shrinking options available to growers.

This trend is also being adopted elsewhere including the USA, with recent years witnessing the removal of Methyl iodide and 1,3-Dichloroproene and increased restrictions on 1,3-Dichloroproene and Chloropicrin.

Impacts of Nematodes on Global Crop Yield

 Impacts of Nematodes on Global Crop Yield Diagram

Hands with a plant

Our Solution

MustGrow has developed novel & proprietary solutions that utilize components of the mustard plant to provide high quality pest control to growers facing challenges associated with nematodes and soil-borne diseases. Our technology is truly sustainable providing benefits to the grower, the environment and the consumer.

100% Natural

MustGrow provides an all natural solution to a growing problem at a time when synthetic products are under increasing scrutiny with heavy restrictions and phase outs. Synthetic products are becoming less user friendly and less available to the growers. MustGrow’s technologies are effective, safe and easy to use.

OMRI listed for organic use

The increase in demand for organic produce by consumers has continued to climb. However, unlike in conventional farming, options available to control nematodes and in organic production remain limited. MustGrow’s fertilizer product is OMRI listed for used in organic production and its biopesticide product is eligible for OMRI use.


MustGrow’s technologies provide nematode control equal and often superior to synthetic alternatives, resulting in elevated yields and increased returns for the grower. With over 110 independent 3rd party field trials completed to date in addition to collaborating with leading growers, MustGrow continues to offer first class performance.