Fruit & Vegetables

Traditional Solutions for Growing Fruit and Vegetables Face Significant Challenges

Consumer Demand

Consumers globally are demanding a reduction in the amount of pesticides used to produce crops.


To satisfy public demand, regulatory agencies are significantly restricting or outlawing existing chemistries leaving limited alternatives.

Pest Resistance

The long history of use combined with the restrictions on application rates has resulted in resistant pest populations reducing the performance of existing chemistries.


The explosion in demand for organic produce has resulted in a need for efficacious solutions that are approved for use in organic production as options are currently limited.

The $100 Billion Global Nematode Problem

  • Reports estimate that the impact of soil borne nematodes on global crop economics results in approximately $100 billion of lost crops per year on a global scale.
  • A recent survey suggests that global crop losses as a result of nematodes is 12% total potential yield on average across the majority of crops.
  • Europe has taken an aggressive stance on nematicide use, leading to limited and shrinking options available to growers.
  • This trend is also being adopted elsewhere including in the US, with recent years witnessing the removal of Methyl iodide and increased restrictions on Chloropicrin.


Global Crop Losses From Nematodes

Global Crop Losses From Nematodes

Global Crop Protection – A Growing Market

5 Year Market Forecast:

  • 33% increase in global nematicide market ($1.43 Billion by 2022)
  • 94% increase in global biopesticide ($9.5 Billion by 2022)


Our Target Markets 

For the $1.43 billion (estimated by 2022) global nematicide industry MustGrow is targeting these products:

  • Innovative Pre-Plant Soil Biofumigant
  • Post-Plant Nematicide

For the $9.5 billion (estimated by 2022) global biopesticide industry MustGrow is targeting these solutions:

  • Seed Treatment Technologies
  • Fungicides
  • Nematicide

The Active Ingredient (AITC) Works Well

With over 110 independent 3rd party field trials completed to date in addition to large scale grower demonstrations and use, MustGrow continues to provide innovative solutions with broad based applications within agriculture.

  • 100% Control of RK Nematodes
  • 55% Yield Increase
  • 95% Control of Pythium
  • 70% Reduction in Verticillium Root Severity

Increased revenueUp to $4,300  increased revenue per acre as a result of using MustGrow technology as shown in commercial demonstrations with leading growers.

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