The Enormous Potential of Brassica

Compounds found within Brassica plants have untapped potential to benefit agricultural production which have yet to be fully explored and commercialized. MustGrow is a technology company advancing these benefits towards commercialization.

Our Technology Platform

Our innovative platform allows us to efficiently and effectively manipulate the natural defensive mechanisms employed by brassica plants for broad based use in agricultural crop protection and production.

MustGrow’s Technology Platform

Glucosinolates are isolated and concentrated from select mustard species in a proprietary process.

MustGrow’s Technology Platform

Extensive screening for activity against targeted pests and pathogens validates performance.

MustGrow’s Technology Platform

Enzymes are isolated from select mustard species in a proprietary process.

MustGrow’s Technology Platform

Novel & proprietary formulations allows for optimum performance and manipulation whilst maintaining eligibility for organic production.

MustGrow’s Technology Platform

Over 110 independent field trials to date confirm superior performance and grower ROI.

Current Technology Status

Product development progress chart

100% Natural

The team at MustGrow are experts in the development and commercialization of natural crop protection products.

OMRI listed for organic use

All natural and organic products that are GMO & chemical free. Provide pest control and yield enhancements comparable to synthetic alternatives.

Growth chart

From small scale to mass volume production, we ensure all our technologies are scalable both efficiently and economically, requiring minimal capital outlay.


All of our products that are currently registered have no re-entry times, minimal worker safety concerns and have no set backs or buffer zones. We provide products that are not only effective but easy to use.