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European Union Agriculture Ministers reach agreement on green farming policies.


The move to more sustainable and organic products continues to be a major priority for not only industry leaders like Syngenta and Bayer, but also for several global governments. 

Agriculture Ministers in the European Union (EU) announced recently they’d reached agreement on a massive farming policy budget to set up programs that protect the environment. The agreement constitutes roughly one third of their $1.30 trillion USD budget and is intended to support farmers while also meeting climate change requirements. 

In fact, the Ministers agreed that 20% of the payments to farmers will be earmarked for green schemes such as organic farming or agroforestry.”  Additionally, the European Commission is seeking to halve the use of chemical pesticides by 2030.

Farming is extremely important in the European Union with 40% of all land in the region being used for agricultural purposes. Therefore it is vital for countries such as in Europe to move to more sustainable farming practices; as pesticides and irrigation in agriculture are constant natural threats to the ecological stability of the region.

This announcement in the EU strengthens and validates the other global investments in green technology that create a sustainable and high-quality food supply.  

Now more than ever the world needs products that produce food with less synthetic chemistries. MustGrow’s technology not only presents a great financial opportunity in this +$65B USD market but also a moral obligation to accelerate the commercialization of our natural technology.

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