An open laptop displaying a graph of MustGrow equity

MustGrow Investor Webinar – From December 9th, 2020

Here is the webcast from the investor webinar we held on December 9th. We ran through our corporate presentation and it was great to have several attendees joining us. About 22 minutes into the video, Corey Giasson MustGrow’s CEO and Colin Bletsky MustGrow’s COO, answered the questions that were submitted by existing and interested investors in MustGrow Biologics Corp.

We responded to questions about who our direct competitors are, discussed a timeline on field testing in Colombia regarding the Fusarium wilt TR4 (Panama Disease); and touched on the opportunity our technology and the promising field tests results have shown so far.  Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted questions for the webinar.

For more information, watch the full webinar here:


Read more information on the science behind our technology, or learn more about the investment opportunity with MustGrow via our Investor Fact Sheet.