Technology Pipeline

Technology Pipeline and Progress

Mustgrow’s technology pipeline, as illustrated in the table below, shows the solutions we are developing that are either in a state of laboratory trials, greenhouse trials, field trials, or pre-launch registration. The table below is updated on a regular basis.

As you can see, the technology is truly a platform technology with applications in many markets globally. Applications are currently centered around being soil applied or non-soil applied:

  • Soil Amendment & Biofertility – to feed the soil with mustard proteins and carbohydrates and organic fertility products.
    • TerraSante™ – preplant soil conditioner for a healthier soil.
    • Biofertilizers – preplant soil biofertilizers for natural and organic fertilizer enhancemence.
  • Biocontrol – a natual, organic biopesticide and bioherbicide for soil and postharvest use.
    • Soil Biocontrol:
      • TerraMG™ – preplant soil biopesticide to treat soil-borne diseases and insect pests for multiple crops including fruit & vegetables, bananas, canola, etc.
    • Postharvest Biocontrol & Food Preservation – biopesticide for storage and food preservation (F&V, bulk grain, shipping containers and food borne pathogens).