Why Our Technology?

MustGrow’s technology platform is natural, organic and environmentally sustainable.  Globally, harmful synthetic chemistries are being banned or deregistered.  Natural products like MustGrow’s are going to be needed to feed a growing population in a sustainable way on a finite amount of arable land.

Market Drivers

  • Regulatory agencies are significantly restricting or banning synthetic chemistries leaving limited alternatives for a growing population. 
  • Consumers are demanding healthy, natural, sustainable and organic products.
  • Producers want to protect their crops with biologicals, but only if they work — many biologicals have as of today not met performance expectations.
  • AgChem companies are actively investing in more sustainable natural technologies to replace or compliment synthetic chemicals.
  • Sustainable farming practices are critical to feed a growing global population on a finite amount of land.


Global Chemistries are Being Banned or Deregistered


Bayer To Pay More Than $10 Billion In Roundup Settlement

Bayer, maker of the weedkiller Roundup, whose primary ingredient is glyphosate, has agreed to pay more than $10 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits which claim that the chemical causes cancer.

— Forbes; June 25, 2020

Mexico to phase out use of herbicide glyphosate

The agriculture ministry said that private food producers will have until 2024 to phase out glyphosate, which has sparked safety concerns in a number of countries.

— Reuters; August 12, 2020

How Has This Pesticide Not Been Banned?

The pesticide known as chlorpyrifos is both clearly dangerous and in very wide use. The chemical was originally developed by Nazis during World War II for use as a nerve gas.

— The New York Times; December 17, 2019

France bans crop pesticide metam sodium after people fall ill

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers metam sodium a probable human carcinogen … Still, metam sodium is among the most widely used agricultural pesticides in the United States.

— Reuters; November 5, 2018

MustGrow’s Solution

MustGrow is providing a natural, organic technology platform with the efficacy of synthetic chemicals.  This technology platform has potential application in multiple global markets, including:

  • Preplant Soil Biofumigant for multiple crops including fruit& vegetables, potatoes and bananas.
  • Bioherbicide with unique mode of action for organic acres, home & garden and jurisdictions where glyphosate is out of favor or banned.
  • Postharvest Food Preservation for food storage of produce, bulk grains, shipping containers and treatment of food borne pathogens.

Biologicals: Sustainable Opportunity

  • Increase in organic produce demand and organic farming acres
  • Increased demand for residue free crops.
  • Phase out of key synthetic chemical active ingredients
  • Government regulation favors bio-pesticides and reduced chemicals.
  • Increased global ESG investments in natural biological crop protection inputs.

MustGrow’s Technology vs. Biologics vs.

Synthetic Chemistries

MustGrow’s Technology

  • Effective – pest and pathogen control comparable to synthetic industry standards.
  • Flexible – can be used in a variety of systems and for numerous crops.
  • Safe – minimal worker safety, bystander or environmental concerns.
  • Organic – eligible for use in organic production.
  • Economical – potential to be priced competitively with conventional alternatives.
A series of tests involving MustGrow products positive effects in crop growth.